Balfe Motorsport // Jack Harvey // The Air Cadet Organisation // Jamie Derbyshire/Spirit Racing
Triumph Triple Challenge // Beth Cresswell School of Dance

Balfe Motorsport

Magpie PR has been covering all aspects of media representation for the Balfe Motorsport team since 1999. Over that period of time the team has gone from competing in a national one make race series, which team driver Shaun Balfe became champion, to the highest level of sportscar/GT racing, the international FIA GT Championship.

The media profile and coverage for both Shaun and the team rose in tandem with their rise through the ever more difficult levels of motor-racing.

Magpie PR started out with an increased level of exposure in the local press, covering a local driver an team, before moving on to the specialist media and international media, gaining them and their sponsors global awareness through the press, with TV interviews, internet coverage and print publications.

Apart from dealing with the media aspect, we have also organized events away from the race tracks. Pre-season team launches, sponsors and guests corporate days, including karting and team building events and end of season celebrations.

We have also been involved in producing marketing literature for the team to help find and secure sponsorship. This has included both printed and online material.

Jack Harvey
This 15-year-old is gaining a reputation as the next Jenson Button. After just three full seasons of motor racing he has already picked up two national titles, last year picking up the award as British Junior Karting Champion.

Magpie PR has been with him every step of the way and has built up his media profile in a definite and controlled way, allowing Jack to have the coverage that his talent and skill deserves, but also keeping the pressure off him when it’s not needed.

Local media coverage was the initial key to raising awareness of this bright young talent. However, as he has progressed through the ranks Magpie PR has also raised the bar. Regular interviews and articles in the specialist and online motorsport press, both in the UK and now also in Italy and the USA has seen him become one of the talked about names in karting.

The Air Cadet Organisation

Magpie PR has been involved with the Air Cadet Organisation since 2003, when we handled the media and communications work on a short term basis for the MOD.

Since then, we have been working hand in hand with the Media and Communications department to handle day to day updates and support for its website, which this year will involve a complete redesign and development.

Media coverage of such a vast organisation ranged from local stories in small corners of the UK, to international press covering Air Cadets activity abroad. We also promoted the good work of the ACO in the national press as the cadets support a huge amount of events throughout the course of any given year.

As well as the proactive media campaigns we also had to deal with crises management and reactive stories with the ACO, meaning that Magpie PR covered the entire media relations spectrum.

Jamie Derbyshire/Spirit Racing

Jamie Derbyshire and Spirit Racing have been working with us since 2003, using our expertise to improve both the profile of driver Jamie Derbyshire and allowing the increased promotion of the ‘Spirit Motor Group’ to it’s regional client base through the media.

Between 2004 and 2006 the Spirit brand was also pushed across Europe as Jamie was involved with international sportscar racing. However, Magpie PR also saw the opportunity to push the Spirit brand away from the track itself and with a tie up with was forged to allow the brand to gain awareness further with dedicated articles and branding on the internet and vehicles.

Throughout the last four years we have always been involved with the corporate side of Spirit Racing, which has included looking after guests during race meetings, to helping with the organisation and media promotion of events for the company.

Triumph Triple Challenge

The Beth Cresswell School of Dance

Magpie PR is not limited to motorsport. We have been promoting the Beth Cresswell School of Dance since 2002 and our input and promotion has helped it develop and grow from a small village based business, to one that has classes and schools in two major towns as well as smaller provincial schools across Lincolnshire.

The highlight of the school’s year is a two night concert in which all of the dancers perform. We have been promoting the event through the regional and local media since 2003 and this year allowed Beth and her team sellout the Lincoln Drill Hall venue and allowing the best showcase for the school possible.