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Media Relations

Starting a new company is always tough, even with prior business knowledge and experience. If you’re a well established business, it can be just as hard to maintain and expand against ever more competitive rivals.

To get your message out to a projected client base, or to raise awareness of your latest services, products or achievements can be a challenge

As a business you will undoubtedly have taken into account the importance of marketing and advertising. However, have you thought about what else the media can do for you?

Magpie PR is a media relations specialist agency which delivers short, medium and long term campaigns to help plant, cultivate and maintain a media profile for businesses across Lincolnshire, the UK and the rest of the World.

We write the articles that the media want to use, that put the message your business wants to get across in a more cost effective – and better understood – format than a standard advertising splash.

We have many years experience in working with the local, regional and global media to the benefit of our past and present clients. We understand that not everyone needs a media service, but we also know that everyone in business appreciates the benefit of having a good public image and what it can do for continued and increased development.

We make it our aim to give our clients the best service possible, in the same way that you do. To allow them to grow and expand doing what they do best, allowing their customers to see that on a regular and widespread basis, throughout the media.

Event Management & Promotion

From an idea in our clients mind, to the organisation and execution of an important function, party, exhibition or show, Magpie PR is able to work with you to give the best possible representation to your current or prospective clients or customers.

A corporate or business event can say a lot about your company, getting the right venue, surroundings and atmosphere is important.

We can handle everything from the big issues to the finest details and rather than just set-up the event, will also help you promote it to exactly the right people for you, through mailing, advertising and the media.

Website Design & Hosting

A presence on the internet is seen as a prerequisite in business in the 21st century, whatever your company sells or provide.

Whether it is to simply supply your contact details or to sell your products online, it does not need to be an outrageously expensive practice to get your message across on the World Wide Web.

Magpie PR is able to come up with a solution to whatever you require for a website. To view some of our work to date, please take a look at the client section to find links to some of the websites we have designed and created for our customers.

Copy-Writing & Editorial Services

Newsletters, magazines, websites and intranets, marketing literature or conference material, Magpie PR is able to offer a service to provide extra written copy or to edit and assist in the design of a current publication or fresh new literature.

We can also offer a proof reading service for large amounts of copy if required.